NO LONGER SELLS FOAM BACKDOPS. The good news is still makes the same great Chroma Key Green and Blue FOAM-BACKED screens that used to sell!  We have been selling the incredible foam-backed screens for over 14 years! We are not related to the company but wanted to make sure you knew you could still get the best chroma-key screen solution available!

Foam-Backed Screens

BEYOND COMPARE The foam-backed material that is the best material available. Favored by industry professionals for it’s ability to absorb light and resist wrinkles. This means you get better results - less reflections means better keys on your videos and stills.’s foam-backed background fabric resists wrinkles and absorbs light. This fabric has a foam core a nylon back making it almost impossible to tear. It has a unique surface that reduces glare and makes keying easier.


FIND OUT WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING Read reviews about and the foam-backed green and blue screens on the review site